You can request our caravans and it will be delivered to you anywhere in Ipswich. This will save you a lot of time and effort, or the agonizing stress that comes with pick and drop endeavors before and after the vacation.

We are committed to providing high-quality services to all our customers. You can be assured of this because we understand the hectic hustle you can go through when hiring a caravan and going with it on a journey.


Apart from the lack of amenities, another thing that turns a pleasant adventure, what you had hoped for when planning your adventure, into a moving nightmare is the hidden costs. Only after you have already hired a caravan do you discover that the items you thought were standard are in fact also rented, and you have to spend more money on them.

To remedy this issue, Vancation caravan hire makes sure that you understand everything that the caravan comes with, and aims to make sure that everything you need comes with it.

It is also important that you make sure that the caravan remains human-only. No pets or animals are allowed inside the caravans.

Once you order the campervan, it will be delivered to you in tip-top condition, with both the inside and outside clean. We understand that the vacation may be a bit messy, and for a small additional fee, we will be more than happy to clean up the campervan.

Relocation / Delivery

Vancation caravan hire can deliver, set up and pick up if required out to 200km. The relocation costs for this are $1.50 per km and is a great option if you wish to turn up to your holiday destination without having to set and pack anything up.


Some of our vans are able to go off road/off grid. These exclude any deserts or Cape York. We class off road as gazetted unsealed road, unsealed tracks to get to camp spots.

Our vans are often on popular beaches and some outback unsealed roads. Just let us know where you are looking to travel and we will look into weather our vans are suitable for those locations. Please be aware that whilst our vans are insured for off road use, it does exclude underbody damage.

Please read the hiring terms and conditions below.. All bookings are strictly through the Camplify platform.

All our Rv's are comprehensively insured and if designed to do so, are insured for some off road use. Please note our policy does not cover under body damage caused from off road use.

You can view our PDS here: Click here for our PDS

The minimum age to tow or drive any of our Rv's is 25.
The standard insurance excess if you need to make a claim is $1500 however there are options for a reduction of this cost at booking

Break downs

Our vans come with Australia wide road side assistance. In the event that there is any mechanical issues with the vans, please contact our roadside assistance team for help, this will be discussed during the handover.

Please be aware that that the road side assistance is only for gazetted roads, it will be the hirers responsibility for any any recoveries.